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Create charts of online stock trade numbers
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ChartNexus Pte. Ltd.

Process market data and perform automated charting operations. Collect the latest information from MEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, USINDEX, BSE, NSE, HKSE, JSX, and other stock exchange databases available online. Generate candlestick, bar, or line charts for every stock.

Usually, an effective charting software greatly helps in making an investor truly successful and one such efficient charting software is ChartNexus. The software has a multi-window charting system allowing the user to arrange the chart in the desirable manner and features world indices right from US markets including AMEX, NASDAQ & NYSE, BSE (India), Bursa (Malaysia), HKSE (Hong Kong), NSE (India), JSX (Indonesia) down to SGX (Singapore).

ChartNexus has a comprehensive list of all the popular indicators and the user has the liberty to customize own indicators, parameters, and even create multiple indicators of the same kind on the same chart too. It also comes with certain tools for doodling, drawing trend lines, shapes, lines, arrows, etc., and even linear and logarithmic price scales for viewing the equity in different intervals of time, which could be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The application also incorporates a data downloader that automatically downloads and updates user data on a daily basis, and a Portfolio manager for keeping track of the trades. It has many attractive features, but the best part is that it comes totally free of cost with a 3-year license, along with a comprehensive list of popular indicators. Moreover, the user also gets free access to the entire database of the EOD market, including the world indices.

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  • Multi-window charting system supporting all popular world indices


  • Functionality is a bit complex
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